Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ken Picton Salon - Review

I went to Ken Picton's salon on the 29th of December as part of my christmas present off my parents. Whilst my parents are regulars of the salon, I have only been once or twice in the past.

The Salon. 


The salon has two floors and is clean and modern. Hot, cold and alcoholic drinks are offered and complimentary and free samples are readily available for you to take home. The washing basins upstairs  feature massage chairs and a hair massage will be given as your hair is washed.

The Staff.
The staff are lovely and will go out of the way to make you feel comfortable. They accommodated the salon so it was easier for me to get around on crutches and gave me plenty of time to move from washing basins to the styling chair. I'm not one to chat whilst I'm having my hair cut and my stylist understood this and didn't try the usual 'Where you going on holidays? What've you been up to?' chit chat. My mam, however, was in full blown conversation with her stylist who not only remembered her from last time but also remembered their conversation; she knew I was about to graduate and commented on it.

The Cut.
After a review with my hairdresser, we both agreed that I was in desperate need of a treatment for dry/damaged hair and the split ends taken off. The hair treatment was applied when wet and stayed on for five minutes. The cut was generally quite quick and only an inch was taken off. What I was most impressed by was the way my hair was styled afterwards. My hairdresser managed to curl the ends using the hairdryer, something I'm always trying to achieve.

I really enjoyed myself at Ken Picton's Salon. The only downside is the price as I had a senior stylist but looking at the website, they do offer the chance to have your hair cut by a graduate for a cheaper price. Overall, my hair looked amazing and my self esteem had been lifted (and you can't put a price on that).


Visit the Salon here; http://www.kenpicton.com/



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