Monday, 1 July 2013

Veet Easy Wax*

When the Veet Easy Wax advert popped up on my screen a few weeks back, I rolled my eyes and muttered, "yer right", to my mam. I'd tried the Veet wax products before, the type which you warm up in your hands, with no luck and left in a sticky painful mess. I was also annoyed by the advert, showing a model with silky smooth legs pretending to wax away invisible hairs, so when I got an email inviting me to try the Veet Easy Wax for free, I jumped at the chance; "Let's see how well it works on my leg hair", I thought.

The package arrived on my door a few days later and I ripped it open:

Inside I had a self heating device and cap, wax refill, 12 strips, 4 wipes, a base and, an electrical cable to plug it in.

I scoured the instructions and popped the wax cartridge into the device before plugging it in. I then had to wait twenty minutes for the wax to heat up.

After the twenty minutes, I applied the wax to the back of my hand only to find the application more sticky than smooth. I figured that the wax hadn't reached the correct temperature and left it a further ten minutes.

mmm leg hair

After that further ten minutes, I applied the wax in a line onto my thigh and stuck down one of the non-woven strips. I rubbed the strip a few times, grabbed the top, closed my eyes and ripped back against the direction of the hair.

And it wasn't that bad.

Now, I am used to having a wax in a salon, so I might be used to the pain that comes with waxing, but for a home wax kit, the pain wasn't too bad.

I kept waxing away and soon I was out of the strips. I'd managed to do both my legs from my knee to midway on my thigh:

Look at that sexy line of leg hair

I was pretty shocked how quickly the strips had run out in relation to the amount of wax I still had left; if I wanted to do both my full legs, I'd have to buy an extra pack for £2.93 for 24.

While the wax did take off the majority of my leg hair, it did miss thin hairs and it was tricky to do the backs of my leg.

I don't think it would be suitable for those with very short or fine hair.

I wasn't quite brave enough to use this on my bikini area so I think I'll be sticking with my local salon for that.

This is one of the better home wax sets I've tried and it's great that you can buy replacement wax and strips at a reduced cost.

It really was quick and easy to use, and the wipes got all the wax off and soothed my red waxed leg.

I don't think I'll be hanging up my razor any time soon, but I found this great for doing the tops of my legs as I hardly ever shave them due to lack of time.

You can buy Veet Easy Wax from Boots
or go to Amazon and enter EASYWAX4 at the checkout for money off.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

My new love: Lime Crime's Velvetine in Red Velvet

Oh my goodness, I am in love!

I first discovered Lime Crime's Velvetine liquid lipstick after reading Karla Powell's blog and, straight away I knew I needed it in my life.

Lime Crime's Velvetine is a lipstick which goes on as a liquid, like a gloss, and dries as a matte. I searched high and low for a UK supplier but everywhere seemed to be sold out! Eventually, CutECOsmetics sorted me out and before I knew it, that coveted lipstick was mine.

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet

How classy is the packaging? I feel like I'm opening a pack of retro sweets. The Velvetine range comes in two colours (Suedeberry and Red Velvet) and I bought colour 'Red Velvet'; a beautiful deep rose red. 

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet

The packaging continues to be beautifully retro and the pigmentation is fantastic! I couldn't get over how bold the swatch looks.

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet Before and After on lips
L: Natural Lips, R: Velvetine Lips.

The red lips definitely pack a punch. I applied it with a lip brush as the formula threatens to bleed before drying to a matte. In hindsight, I should have used a lip pencil to make my cupid's bow a bit more defined, but it looked fantastic nonetheless.

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet

The blue undertones in this red lipstick made my teeth look bright and white and was so suited to my complexion. I couldn't stop posing! I was worried that the matte would make my lips look cracked and that the formula would dry out but, I was pleasantly surprised when neither happened.

Drinking tea, eating chocolate, kissing test in Lime Crime's Velvetine in Red Velvet
Drinking tea, Eating chocolate and Kissing: the life of a blogger!

The wearability of Lime Crime's Red Velvet really impressed me. I managed to drink, eat and do a kiss test and the colour remained throughout. While some of the lipstick did transfer, overall the colour remained bright and matte. The small size of the packaging means that, even if some of the colour is transferred, you can easily slip it in your bag for touch ups.

Smile in Lime Crime's Veletine

I am super impressed with this lipstick and it was only after two meals and 6 hours that the pigmentation started to wear off. A great bonus of the Velvetine meant that it was easy to remove with swipe of a makeup remover - no scrubbing my lips with wipes. 

Lime Crime's Velvetine is a great addition to my makeup and is simply perfect for any retro pinup look.

Lime Crime's Velvetine in Red Velvet and Suedeberry retails at £11.50 and can be purchased here.

Hello! Sorry it's taken so long to update but between my leg and moving back to Sheffield (to a house with no internet), I've been swamped! Thank you for being loyal readers and normal blogging should now resume.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Disapointing NOTD: Barry M & Model's Own

I love painting my nails and I'm a sucker for any type of nail gimmick but here are my nail polish disapointments.

So whilst I was browsing the Barry M stand in Superdrug, I couldn't help but be lured in by the Sequin Nail Effects in colour SNP1 and in all honesty, I wish I'd never bothered:

Barry M Sequin Nail Effects SNP1

The first top coat wasn't too bad, but didn't give the effect I had in mind (white nails with rainbow sparkles please). I also was not best pleased with the sand like texture but battled on and applied a second coat to see if it got any better:

Barry M Sequin Nail Effects SNP1
It looks like a pixie threw up on my nails

The second coat made my nails look worse, not better! The rainbow sparkles clumped together and the white sandy texture was rough and uneven.

I'm not quite sure what went wrong with this nail varnish; was it the sandy texture? or the clumpy sequins? or the white base coat?

There's far too much going on with this polish; perhaps had it been a rainbow sequin topcoat, it would have worked much better.

I'm probably going to throw this sequin nail effect polish out and I most definitely wouldn't recommend buying the range. 

My second nail disappointment comes in the form of Model's Own Neon Ice in Toxic Apple:

Model's Own Neon Ice in Toxic Apple

Now, there's nothing wrong with this varnish per say... It applied like a dream and gave off a great neon glow after just two coats. I suppose this is a personal dislike; the nails really stood out so much that I got a headache looking at them.

My headache got so bad that I had to do something to tone the neon down:

Model's Own Neon Ice in Toxic Apple which matches an RS
Do I match the car or does the car match me?

I managed to turn the overly neon into a cool bit of nail art which looked so much better and got me loads of compliments.

Model's Own promised neon colour, and they delivered... it just wasn't for me. I might be swayed into buying a different neon colour but this Toxic Apple will be banished to the nail art drawer.
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