Friday, 15 February 2013

Etail PR, ASOS and Marc B Competition

Over at the Etailpr Blog, there's a competition to win £75 to spend at Marc b. and £175 to spend at ASOS! I can only dream about winning that amount to spend on clothes and bags but if I don't win, it'd be awesome if a follower of mine won. 

To enter, you just get yourselves over to the Etailpr blog and follow the instructions.

Beautysets - Marc B & Asos picture of shoes, watches, all made on beautysets by Roxy's Box of Tricks
Marc B & Asos

Above, you can see my dream outfit... and I should probably explain why I selected these items.

1. Marc B Cheryl Black Handbag.
This bag is quilted and boasts a laced chain strap. It's big enough to fit all the essentials but is super fashionable. Marc B reckons this will be the next 'it' bag and I can't help but agree. The Cheryl bag is my favourite out of the new collection and if you don't like black, it's also available in a camel colour so no excuses.

2. Bambam Bodycon Dress in Storm Print.
I love lightening print. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's because storms are super cool, maybe because it incorporates pastel goth style into one piece. Either way, I love it and I want it.

 3. Michael Kors Rose Gold & Crystal Chronograph Watch
I admit it, I'm like a broken record about this watch but, isn't beautiful?

4. River Island Edon Lace Up Flatform Shoes
Flatform shoes are the new platforms. This is super awesome news for me as I can't walk in heels. And what better way to show off my new walking with height skills, with a pair of in your face, bright shiny silver flatforms. Perfect. 
5. Asos Ultra Wet Look Leggings 
The great British weather is not a forgiving mistress, and while I'd love to parade my bag and dress around with no leggings; I'd freeze to death. With such an epic outfit, I need some pretty epic leggings and rain always comes before a storm so I think it's appropriate to wear wet look leggings with a storm dress.

And there you have it! Thank you for reading and I'll keep my fingers crossed!


  1. That is honestly a stunning outfit! If only I had the confidence to wear such a thing (or the figure haha :D )
    Lovely post and goodluck with thecompetition! :D <3

    1. Haha I don't think I actually have the figure but leggings are very forgiving ;) xx


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