Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Disapointing NOTD: Barry M & Model's Own

I love painting my nails and I'm a sucker for any type of nail gimmick but here are my nail polish disapointments.

So whilst I was browsing the Barry M stand in Superdrug, I couldn't help but be lured in by the Sequin Nail Effects in colour SNP1 and in all honesty, I wish I'd never bothered:

Barry M Sequin Nail Effects SNP1

The first top coat wasn't too bad, but didn't give the effect I had in mind (white nails with rainbow sparkles please). I also was not best pleased with the sand like texture but battled on and applied a second coat to see if it got any better:

Barry M Sequin Nail Effects SNP1
It looks like a pixie threw up on my nails

The second coat made my nails look worse, not better! The rainbow sparkles clumped together and the white sandy texture was rough and uneven.

I'm not quite sure what went wrong with this nail varnish; was it the sandy texture? or the clumpy sequins? or the white base coat?

There's far too much going on with this polish; perhaps had it been a rainbow sequin topcoat, it would have worked much better.

I'm probably going to throw this sequin nail effect polish out and I most definitely wouldn't recommend buying the range. 

My second nail disappointment comes in the form of Model's Own Neon Ice in Toxic Apple:

Model's Own Neon Ice in Toxic Apple

Now, there's nothing wrong with this varnish per say... It applied like a dream and gave off a great neon glow after just two coats. I suppose this is a personal dislike; the nails really stood out so much that I got a headache looking at them.

My headache got so bad that I had to do something to tone the neon down:

Model's Own Neon Ice in Toxic Apple which matches an RS
Do I match the car or does the car match me?

I managed to turn the overly neon into a cool bit of nail art which looked so much better and got me loads of compliments.

Model's Own promised neon colour, and they delivered... it just wasn't for me. I might be swayed into buying a different neon colour but this Toxic Apple will be banished to the nail art drawer.


  1. SNP1 looks so unappealing :/ I wonder if they even wore it before releasing it. I'd love if it were a sprinkles on white, they should redo the white base and re-release :)

  2. They definitely look like they're clumping together! How disappointing - love the neon nails though :)

    Katie xx

  3. The Barry M looks a bit sickly, it would work so much better with a clear base than a white base! The Models Own looks a bit Halloween-y, I love the colour but I doubt I'd ever wear it! xx

  4. I kinda like the second nail polish, but I could never see myself wearing it. It's a shame about the first product - it looks like it has potential in the bottle, but then it doesn't look as good on the nails.

    Beautiful blog - following :)



  5. I agree, I think the Barry M polish would look better with a clear base, like the L'oreal confetti polish! I'll have to remember not to buy this one as it is the sort of thing I would normally go for. The Models Own would be a bit bright for me too I think. xx


  6. Thought that Barry M polish would be amazing, so sad to see how it looks on the nail. The neon nail art looks awesome though

  7. The Barry M polish really doesn't look very nice at all :/ such a shame considering the Barry M polishes are generally brilliant xxx

    Gemma | ♥ MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  8. Your neon design looks great! xoxo


  9. I nearly bought the pink version of the sequin polish the other day, so glad I put it back - I really don't like the finish at all! They definitely need to re-formulate the line! Very interesting post :) xx


  10. Great post! :)

    Kelly xo


  11. Its a shame about the barry m nail polish i actually like the look of it, dont throw it send it to me lol, great review though

  12. Love the first one! Very summery:)


  13. I've heard a lot of people saying that they've not been impressed with the Barry M sequins polishes too, I know for a fact my cousin hated them! I loved the Neon collection, I can't really pull off the brightest colours so I went for the purple which is lovely and bold without being toooooo over the top x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. I wish I went for the purple or the pink now, never mind though!

  14. Wow the green nails are incredibly bright! You wouldn't want to wake up to those after a heavy night haha. Those Barry M polishes are so incredibly disappointing, I was really looking forward to them coming out but after several swatches online I decided not to buy them.
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. The thought of looking at Neon nails being hungover just made me feel sick lol!!

  15. seriously need to get myself this sequin effect nail varnish- love it! xx

  16. Hellooo! I was just popping over to say thanks lots for a lovely comment over on my blog! Off to have a better nosey around here ow ;) You asked how i edit my pictures too, tbh sometimes i don't use anything if by some fluke they have come out okay (not very often) or i use photoshop or Pixlr, just depends really. Hope that helps!

    Have a fab weekend xxxx

  17. I'm sorr you didnt like them :( i really like the look of the barry M polish, not sure whether to bother with trying it though :/

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. Urgh I see what you mean about the sequin effects it doesn't look or sounds great... such a shame normally Barry M one's are alright. Atleast I know not to waste my money :D xx


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