Sunday, 30 June 2013

My new love: Lime Crime's Velvetine in Red Velvet

Oh my goodness, I am in love!

I first discovered Lime Crime's Velvetine liquid lipstick after reading Karla Powell's blog and, straight away I knew I needed it in my life.

Lime Crime's Velvetine is a lipstick which goes on as a liquid, like a gloss, and dries as a matte. I searched high and low for a UK supplier but everywhere seemed to be sold out! Eventually, CutECOsmetics sorted me out and before I knew it, that coveted lipstick was mine.

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet

How classy is the packaging? I feel like I'm opening a pack of retro sweets. The Velvetine range comes in two colours (Suedeberry and Red Velvet) and I bought colour 'Red Velvet'; a beautiful deep rose red. 

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet

The packaging continues to be beautifully retro and the pigmentation is fantastic! I couldn't get over how bold the swatch looks.

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet Before and After on lips
L: Natural Lips, R: Velvetine Lips.

The red lips definitely pack a punch. I applied it with a lip brush as the formula threatens to bleed before drying to a matte. In hindsight, I should have used a lip pencil to make my cupid's bow a bit more defined, but it looked fantastic nonetheless.

Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet

The blue undertones in this red lipstick made my teeth look bright and white and was so suited to my complexion. I couldn't stop posing! I was worried that the matte would make my lips look cracked and that the formula would dry out but, I was pleasantly surprised when neither happened.

Drinking tea, eating chocolate, kissing test in Lime Crime's Velvetine in Red Velvet
Drinking tea, Eating chocolate and Kissing: the life of a blogger!

The wearability of Lime Crime's Red Velvet really impressed me. I managed to drink, eat and do a kiss test and the colour remained throughout. While some of the lipstick did transfer, overall the colour remained bright and matte. The small size of the packaging means that, even if some of the colour is transferred, you can easily slip it in your bag for touch ups.

Smile in Lime Crime's Veletine

I am super impressed with this lipstick and it was only after two meals and 6 hours that the pigmentation started to wear off. A great bonus of the Velvetine meant that it was easy to remove with swipe of a makeup remover - no scrubbing my lips with wipes. 

Lime Crime's Velvetine is a great addition to my makeup and is simply perfect for any retro pinup look.

Lime Crime's Velvetine in Red Velvet and Suedeberry retails at £11.50 and can be purchased here.

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