Saturday, 23 March 2013

Have you been Bitten? Revlon Just Bitten Kissable

I've been Bitten

I had a clean and polish at the Dentist on Thursday, and seeing as my mam had the day off and I felt sorry for myself, we decided to go shopping. Seeing as my teeth were now lovely and clean, what better way to show them off with a bright lip colour? My braces make my lips very dry (despite using every type of balm) so lipstick is out of the question for me and I can't stand lip gloss (unless I'm in a party mood) so my choices in lip wear are pretty limited. 

I've been hearing good things about Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable range on the blogsphere and deciding I wanted a change from my usual peach colours, I went for number 020 Lovesick, a bright pink balm stain.

A picture of Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain applied to an arm twice. One of the swatches is rubbed in. The colour shown is lovesick which is a pink.

I must admit, when I went to apply my new balm stain this morning, I was a little worried.  This colour is so bright and so out of my comfort zone.

A picture of Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain with the lid off in colour lovesick

 I love this design; the silver end twists to released more of the product and the tipped end makes it easy to apply. 

A picture of Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain close up of the point of colour lovesick

Here I am without any product on my lips:

Roxy, a girl with braces poses.

And here I am with the balm stain:

Roxy, a girl with braces models Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Pink colour called lovesick

What a difference right!? I am totally in love with this product. I kept my eye makeup simple and let my lips do all the talking ;)

I love how this stain brought colour into my face and didn't take it away like I expected!

Seeing as this product is marked as a balm stain, I wanted to test how well it actually stained my lips. After applying, I went out where I ate, drink and talked. I was out for roughly 6 hours and did not reapply in that time.

Here I am after I cam home:

Roxy, a girl with braces poses after a day of wearing Revlon Just bitten Kissable in colour Lovesick to show how it has slightly worn away after 6 hours of wear
Ignore my face/teeth urg

While my lips aren't as pigmented as when I first applied the balm stain, they are still slightly coloured despite all the talking, eating and drinking. 

I am really really pleased with this product. I love absolutely everything about it and I'm really considering buying some other colours. No wonder the bloggersphere love it!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable retails at £7.99 and is available in 7 difficult shades from Superdrug or Boots

Have you tried any of the Just Bitten Kissable colours?
Saturday, 16 March 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

Google Reader News 

When Google announced that they were axing Google Reader, Twitter went mad! I briefly skirted over the tweets and decided it wasn't anything I needed to worry about... boy, was I wrong? 

A few hours later, I logged onto my Blog Twitter (@Roxysmakeupbox), only to discover that Google Reader is what I, and probably many of you, use to read my favourite blogs on. The reason for the destruction of Google Reader, is to lure us onto Google + and sorry Google, I'm not going to play.

What can we do?
I, for one, am moving over to Bloglovin'. 

Because it's easy to use and has an app for the iPhone (and will for Android soon). 

How do I sign up?
Sign up to Bloglovin with your email and follow the instructions to claim your blog! Easy peasy.

But what about the blogs I follow? How do I follow them on Bloglovin'? What if they don't have BlogLovin'? 
Whoa whoa whoa there, don't fret lovely blogger! You can import the blogs you love and follow on GFC/Google Reader with BlogLovin' by going to this page and following the instructions. When you refresh your BlogLovin' dashboard, all the blogs you follow are there, just like magic!

While GFC is around for now and is not on the Google Kill list, I can't see it existing sans Google Reader for long.

If BlogLovin' doesn't appeal to you, you can sign up to similar services such as SheSaidBeauty or Baobella 

Now that is all said and done, you can follow me on all three services:
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Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Nose Nails!

Hello and Happy Red Nose Day!

I think you must've been living under a rock to not have noticed the build up to Comic Reliefs' Red Nose Day. Whether your office has dressed up, you've watched the charity specials or you're sporting a Dinoroar red nose, the giving spirit is in the air and it's easy to get involved.

Whilst I would normally by a nose or t-shirt from TK Maxx, something caught my eye whilst I was shopping in Claire's...


These designer nail wraps are a Claire's Accessories exclusive and a £1 donation will be made to Comic Relief from the sale of the nail wraps.

A close up of nails with red nose day nail wraps on

Every year there's a theme surrounding Red Nose Day and this year's theme is Dinosaurs which I absolutely adore! There are three characters; Triceytops (on my index finger, far right), T-Spex (on my ring finger), and Dinomite (on my little and middle fingers). Dinomite is definitely my favourite. I love his smile!

A hand with red nose day nail wraps on the nails

In the pack of nail wraps, there are 16 transfers and a nail file and pointed stick to push back cuticles and press down the transfers.  

To apply, you first buff the nail, then wipe with acetone to clean the nail before applying the transfer. To finish you use the nail file included to shape the transfer to your nail. The whole process took me around 20 minutes as it's quite tricky to apply the transfer without any bubbles. 

I also had a little trouble getting the right size transfer for my nail size and as a result, some of the transfer overlaps onto my skin or you can see part of my nail.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my nails, they make me giggle like a kid when I look at them and they've been on for 5 days so far with no problems.

But nail wraps weren't the only thing I bought....


Roxy with her hair in pigtails with two pom poms securing the hair. The pom poms have googly eyes and are red to celebrate red nose day.

(I'm actually just a big kid)

A close up of a plait of the hair being secured by a pom pom. The pom poms have googly eyes and are red to celebrate red nose day.

I love wearing my hair in bunches and so this double pack of pop pop hair elastics were a must have for me. I adore them, and who can blame me? Claire's make a donation for the sale of these guys too, so it really is a win-win situation.

Have you guys done anything for Red Nose Day?

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Clarins Beauty Party!

I love a beauty party

Just a warning, this is going to be a very lengthy and picture heavy post ;)

My mam absolutely loves Clarins skincare range and no Christmas or Birthday goes by without her receiving one of their products, so you can imagine her excitement when she was invited to the Clarins Beauty party at our local Debenhams. The invite was for her and a guest, so naturally I asked to go with her- and boy am I glad I did!

We were greeted by a lovely table of nibbles and champagne which I got well tucked in to! 

A table full of nibble food and orange juice

After grabbing a glass of Champagne, we all sat around the beauty desk and were introduced to Hannah, the Clarins counter manager and organiser of the evening. Hannah started things going by giving us a short quiz about beauty products and their uses, which was really fun and informative! 

Hannah then  brought out some Clarins products for us to try...

 The first product was Beauty Flash Balm or 'Cinderella in a tube':

Beauty Flash Balm is the second best selling Clarins product (after their Hand and Nail cream) and it's easy to see why; this balm brightens and tightens the skin making you look instantly refreshed. The balm is suitable for every skin type and is perfect for prepping the skin before putting on makeup. This balm is like a full night sleep in a tub. I loved it's smooth texture and how quickly it absorbed into my skin. 

The second product was the High Definition Body Lift:

I must say, I fell in love with the High Definition Body Lift as soon as I put it on my skin. This formula is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and make the skin softer, smoother and more toned. Hannah explained that basically, cellulite is a build up of fat of the adipose tissue and water  retention and this formula is designed to help stop the fat making new cells and to control any existing cells.

The formula has little 'beads' that disappear when you rub into your skin and smells lovely and methanol. Hannah informed us that 80% of women said their skin felt firmer after using the high definition body lift for a month. I purchased the product so I'll be letting you know whether it really does work in a later post.

The last product we were introduced to was the Delicious Self Tanning Cream:

I didn't swatch this product because of obvious reasons but it smelt good enough to eat! The Delicious self tanning cream is full of cocoa and is tinted for easy application. I'm not really a huge fan of self tanning but if any product is going to sway me, it's going to be this!

Hannah told us of a few upcoming products to expect from Clarins...

On the 31st of March, we should be expecting the new summer collection which includes new palettes, blusher, lip perfectors and a mascara in purple.

On 28th of April, Clarins will be bringing out their first BB creams which will boast a SPF 25 and come in three shades- light, medium and dark. There's only three shades of BB cream as it supposedly adapts to your skin colour. 

And on the 2nd of June, for fathers day, Clarins will be releasing a bag full of everything a dad needs to look young after looking after us lot ;)  

 At the end of the evening, we each got an AMAZING goodie bag:

And to top it all off, my mam won the raffle and got £110 worth of products!

I had a brilliant night and I can't wait to review some more Clarins products.

Have you guys been invited to a beauty party? What did you think? Did you enjoy this review? Let me know in the comments :) 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A reviw of Bekl; My new Turtle friend*

Turtles are so cute!

I received a very exciting package in the mail recently: a super cute turtle anklet* from Bekl handmade bracelets! Bekl is a fair trade and homemade company  started by Rebecca Lovatt, which is about to be featured in Vogue and has already been reviewed by Glamour.

A picture of a hand holding a turtle anklet

I'm joining a whole range of celebrities who own a Bekl product; Jack O'Connell, AnnaLynne McCord and Lauren Goodger to name a few! 

A picture pointing to a small metal turtle on an anklet which is attacked to an ankle

This anklet is made from nylon and is adjusted by pulling on the cords. The little turtle is metal filled and dangles so perfectly, but not enough to get in the way or annoy you when your walking. The whole thing is water resistant which is ideal as I have hydro-pool therapy once a week.

A picture of a Bekl anklet with the letter B and a turtle

On the side is the signature 'B' bead which can be moved around. I like having the 'B' on one side of my ankle and Mr Turtle hanging parallel on the other. 

I'm really impressed with the quality of my Bekl anklet and looking through the shop, I can see many things I'd love to add to my jewellery collection (particularly this Spring Sunset Multipack). I also love how the company raises money the Beat Bullying charity, something very close to my heart.

Whilst I was lucky enough to have this turtle anklet sent to me for review purposes, I would easily pay the £5.99 that this little guy cost. 

What do you think of my recent ankle addition? 

Monday, 4 March 2013

NOTD: Confetti Topcoat; A nail varnish wedding!

A union of Nail Varnish

I'm jumping on the confetti bandwagon, and who can blame me? It is amazing! I was a bit put off by the price (£4.99 for a topcoat?!) but when you consider the Illamasqua Speckle nail varnish is £14.50, this varnish is a steal. 

A picture of Model's Own nail varnish and L'Oreal's top coat confetti unopened

I adore Model's Own nail varnish; the colours are always beautiful, the finish is glossy and the application is streak free and dries quickly. I applied the varnish twice for a really deep colour:

A picture of someone holding a pink Model's Own nail varnish bottle showing the colour on the nails

I could easily wear Pink Fever on it's own but I thought it would look great with the confetti top coat..

A picture of pink nails with a black and white confetti effect over the top with hearts surrounding the picture

What do you guys think? Are you loving L'Oreal's Confetti Topcoat and Model's Own Pink Fever as much as me? I never want to take my varnish off again!

Also, did you know you can view this post in the new beauty blogging platform Baobella? Click here to see it!

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