Friday, 1 February 2013

Roxy's Foxy bag

How cute is this bag?

Roxy's Box of Tricks

Roxy's Box of Tricks
 I was on Ebay, ordering some cheap maxi skirts from China when I spotted this charming little bag. It's offered in a range of colours; green, black, red and  my orangey brown.

Roxy's Box of TricksIt's a good size bag; 24cm length, 18cm high and 5cm wide, small enough to take out to lunch but large enough to fit all the essentials like phone, purse, keys and makeup.

The bag comes with an adjustable strap. I've put it on the second hole and the bag sits above my hip so it's a good length for me.  

The bag is made of Bicast leather so it smells and feels a little plasticy but I really don't care because it's so dainty and adorable. 

As for what animal the bag is supposed to be, it's listed as Fox/Owl. I chose to get it in the orange colour so it looks more like a fox but I am debating getting a green bag next. 

I bought this bag for £5.99 but you can get it cheaper by typing 'Fox Owl Bag' into Ebay.

What do you think of my bag? Would you consider getting one?


  1. Aww that's so cute! Love it :)

    F xx

  2. The bags are adorable!!! I love love this post :) Thanks for sending me your link. You now have a new follower :)
    Check out my blog when you have time:

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading and thank you so much for following :) xx


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