Monday, 11 February 2013

Ahh it's the Apocalips!

I gave in and jumped on the Rimmel London Apocalips bandwagon. I went for the 101 Celestial colour which is a lovely creamy tone. The wand applicator has a little hole in the middle which allows for a store up of the gloss so there's no need to reapply mid application.

A picture of Rimmel London's Apocalips lip gloss in celestial

A picture of lips naturally, lips with apocalips applied and lips after an hour of wearing apocalips
From Left to Right: My lips naturally, My lips with the Apocalips, My lips after an hour of wear

 From the photo, you can see that the Apocalips Celestial is a really good match for my lip colour and looks really natural. The gloss is smooth and creamy and doesn't dry out my lips. It isn't sticky either so that's an added bonus!

 I decided to try out how well the gloss stays...
A picture of the transfer of Apocalips on a glass and skinDrinking and eating: The gloss transfers slightly onto the glass I drunk from but the majority came off when I was eating. I expected this to be honest as Apocalips doesn't claim to be long lasting or a lip stain so it's only natural for it to transfer.
Kissing: My boy never kisses me if I wear gloss so I generally don't have to worry, but I planted a kiss on my arm to see if any of it transferred and it did. This demonstrates why the boy doesn't like kissing me with gloss ;)

I can see why bloggers are in love with this range. I love the creamy texture and the colour and will be going back to Boots to pick up another colour soon.

Apocalips retails at £5.99  and comes in a whole range of colours.

Will you be jumping on the Apocalips bandwagon?


  1. I am sooo tempted to buy one and try it xx

    1. Go for it!! You won't be disappointed :) xx

  2. I love how you tested it. My friend & I tried them in Superdrug and I was shocked by how good they were! I think I may invest in the same colour as you.

    The Style Rawr!

    1. Haha as a reader I got annoyed when others don't test gloss/lipstick against food/drink/kisses so that's one of the reasons I started blogging :) The colour is amazing on. I really want the dark red next too


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