Thursday, 7 March 2013

A reviw of Bekl; My new Turtle friend*

Turtles are so cute!

I received a very exciting package in the mail recently: a super cute turtle anklet* from Bekl handmade bracelets! Bekl is a fair trade and homemade company  started by Rebecca Lovatt, which is about to be featured in Vogue and has already been reviewed by Glamour.

A picture of a hand holding a turtle anklet

I'm joining a whole range of celebrities who own a Bekl product; Jack O'Connell, AnnaLynne McCord and Lauren Goodger to name a few! 

A picture pointing to a small metal turtle on an anklet which is attacked to an ankle

This anklet is made from nylon and is adjusted by pulling on the cords. The little turtle is metal filled and dangles so perfectly, but not enough to get in the way or annoy you when your walking. The whole thing is water resistant which is ideal as I have hydro-pool therapy once a week.

A picture of a Bekl anklet with the letter B and a turtle

On the side is the signature 'B' bead which can be moved around. I like having the 'B' on one side of my ankle and Mr Turtle hanging parallel on the other. 

I'm really impressed with the quality of my Bekl anklet and looking through the shop, I can see many things I'd love to add to my jewellery collection (particularly this Spring Sunset Multipack). I also love how the company raises money the Beat Bullying charity, something very close to my heart.

Whilst I was lucky enough to have this turtle anklet sent to me for review purposes, I would easily pay the £5.99 that this little guy cost. 

What do you think of my recent ankle addition? 


  1. This is so cute, and I love turtles! xxx

  2. Wow these are fab! Nice review btw :) xxx

  3. This is super cute xx

  4. Cute! Love the little turtle :) Love your blog darling! Come check out my blog sometime...maybe follow if you like! Thanks love!

    The Rancher's Daughter

  5. There really cute think that I would get one but it wouldn't look as good on me

    Charlotte x

    1. You'd be surprised. I didn't think mine would look that good but everyone asks me about it! :) xx


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