Saturday, 16 March 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

Google Reader News 

When Google announced that they were axing Google Reader, Twitter went mad! I briefly skirted over the tweets and decided it wasn't anything I needed to worry about... boy, was I wrong? 

A few hours later, I logged onto my Blog Twitter (@Roxysmakeupbox), only to discover that Google Reader is what I, and probably many of you, use to read my favourite blogs on. The reason for the destruction of Google Reader, is to lure us onto Google + and sorry Google, I'm not going to play.

What can we do?
I, for one, am moving over to Bloglovin'. 

Because it's easy to use and has an app for the iPhone (and will for Android soon). 

How do I sign up?
Sign up to Bloglovin with your email and follow the instructions to claim your blog! Easy peasy.

But what about the blogs I follow? How do I follow them on Bloglovin'? What if they don't have BlogLovin'? 
Whoa whoa whoa there, don't fret lovely blogger! You can import the blogs you love and follow on GFC/Google Reader with BlogLovin' by going to this page and following the instructions. When you refresh your BlogLovin' dashboard, all the blogs you follow are there, just like magic!

While GFC is around for now and is not on the Google Kill list, I can't see it existing sans Google Reader for long.

If BlogLovin' doesn't appeal to you, you can sign up to similar services such as SheSaidBeauty or Baobella 

Now that is all said and done, you can follow me on all three services:
Follow on Bloglovin

She Said Beauty

Baobella logo



  1. I certainly won't be using Google+ either, I've heard awful things! x

  2. Hey hun, since your one of my fav blogging ladys i've nominated you on the Liebster awards over on my blog:


  3. hey there gorgeous.
    i absolutely adore your blog.
    thats why i nominated you for the liebster award <3
    for all the info check out my blog post!

  4. Followed you on bloglovin and twitter!xx


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