Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Welsh girl at the Bristol Blogger Meet

Blogger meet!

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to go to the Bristol Blogger Meet organised by the lovely Sasha and Alessia. 
This was my first ever bblogger meet and I was so nervous and after asking everyone on Twitter, it became apparent that business cards were a must have. I ordered mine on VistaPrint and I'm really impressed with how they turned out. VistaPrint normally have offers on for business cards so check them out (but don't leave it until 2 days before to order the cards!)

A picture od Roxy's Box of Tricks business cars

We left the house at 9am to get to Bristol, hence my really grumpy morning face (I do smile, honest)

A picture of Roxy's Box of Tricks host Roxy

And what type of Beauty Blogger would I be without statement jewellery and nails ;)

A picture with a cross ring and nail art with a river island watch

Bristol was absolutely freezing cold and I was glad of my faux leather jacket. I made my way over to Frankie and Benny's, tweeting my every movement, and caught up with a group of girls who were waiting to go inside. 

I was lucky enough to win the raffle and got this amazing beauty box from Nspa which contains melting cleansing gel, hot cloth polish, illuminating beauty serum and Brightening day cream; I am so excited to try it out!
A picture of a box of NSpa items won in a raffle

I ordered a milkshake and some fries and starting talking with my fellow bloggers. It was so good to be surrounded with like minded people and with those who understand the world of blogging. I also managed to get around the other table to hand out my cards and get other cards in return. 

A picture of various beauty and fashion blogger business cards

Eventually, food was consumed and blogs talked about before it was time to separate and go shopping, but there was one last surprise; a goody bag!

A picture of the inside of a goodie bag given out at the bristol blogger meet

I was completely overwhelmed by the goody bag. I'd seen sneak pictures of the beautiful packaging but I'd never dream of what was inside. 
To see the sheer amount of products we were given, I made a Vine video, click play to view;

As you can see, it was an immense amount of products. Expect to see reviews and swatches very soon!

For now, however, here is a picture of my absolute favourites:

1, Aroma SqueezeMe: Grapefruit & Geranium
2. Benefit's Fine One One
3. NSpa Hot Cloth Polish
4. Head Full of Feathers Bow
5. MakeBelieve Enhance highlight.

I was most shocked about the Benefit Fine One One as it's currently the Beauty Blogger must have but I simply couldn't justify buying it for myself so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it in my goody bag. I half expected the girls to say, 'Oh that's a mistake, it must have fallen in there by accident, you have to give it back sorry'. The Aroma Squeeze me is a mouldable stress-ball with uplifting scents and the NSpa hot cloth is something I'm really looking forward to using. The Bow is so beautiful and in red, a great colour for me and the highlighter is something I've needed lately.

After the bags were handed out everyone separated off to do shopping. I met up with my parents as I didn't want to slow anyone down with my crutches. I only bought two items, but one is very exciting...

 But you'll have to wait to see what's inside that Harvey Nichols bag... 

 We finished off the day by meeting back up in Starbucks, but I had to rush back to Wales so only managed to only take this photo and thank everyone for being so friendly and for having a lovely day.

I had a fantastic time and it was brilliant to get some tricks on how to run my blog. I only wish I had spent more time with the girls but being on crutches, it's simply too hard to keep up with shoppers. 

I'd recommend going to any meetups that you can, I've made so many new friends from it.  



  1. Wow it looks like you had an amazing time! I'm so jealous :)) xx

  2. Awww, such cute snaps!! Lucky you winning that box :) Love your nails!


  3. Wow I wish I went ... :( <3
    Great post though and I am glad you had a good time! <3

  4. Wow... amazing... I am glad you had a good time xx

  5. Looks and sounds like an amazing time! The goodies are amazing!!

    Katie xx

  6. It was so lovely to meet you, thanks again for coming! I can't believe I didn't spot your nails - they're amazing! :-) xx

    1. Aw thank you and Alessia for organizing it! Without you guys it wouldn't have happened! :) xxx


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