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Inside tips from an ex-Lush employee

Lush Secrets

I worked for Lush cosmetics for three years so you could say I know a thing or two about the products, including what other uses they serve. Many people see a shower gel and would only use it as a shower gel but little do they know about our secret tips.

Shower Gels

Shower gels have a whole range of uses. Happy Hippy is an amazing back up shampoo, especially for greasy hair as the enzymes of the pink grapefruit break down grease with ease. Most of the shower gels are good as shampoo so give them a try when you're running low!

Bubble Bath.
Run out of bubble bath? Squeeze some Lush shampoo under a running tap and you'll have bubbles in seconds! While you won't have a colourful bath, you will have a beautifully scented and moisturizing bath.

Massage Bars

Bath Melt.
If you break off a bit of your favourite massage bar and whack it in a hot bath before getting in. Because the massage bars are made of Coca and Shea butter, they melt really easily and the bath becomes one giant moisturiser.

Get your massage bar and heat a little bit up so it's melted onto your hands, then lightly go over your hair. You don't want much at all as it'll make your hair greasy but if you do this right, you'll have a lovely shine.

Insect Repellent. 
Each Peach (and Two's a Pair) massage bar contains Citronellol which mosquitos, mites and spiders hate. While I would never advise using this instead of actually repellant in a foreign country, it's great for using in the summer and autumn when all the bugs start coming indoors.


Shaving cream. 
Jungle is a conditioner which softens the hair so it's great for softening up your body hair before you shave and leaves you moisturised and smelling amazing.

Shower Jellies

Like the shower gels, these shower jellies are  awesome as shampoo too. The jelly is made with carrageenan seaweed gel which is full of minerals and vitamins and it makes your skin and hair softer.

Freeze it.
Perhaps not really a secret use, but I feel like not many people know about this; you can freeze shower jellies! Whilst they won't freeze like an ice cube, they do go really cold which is perfect when you really need to wake up. I'd advise freezing Whoosh as it's made from lemon and lime juice, a great pick me up. 


Dry Shampoo.
Roots looking greasy? Whack some Lush powder deodorant on there and brush out. The power absorbs grease leaving your hair nice and shiny. I'd recommend The Greeench for Dry Shampoo as the smell is absolutely divine.

Foot Powder.
Smelly feet? Smelly shoes and socks? Sprinkle some deodorant over the smelly area and ta-dah! The talc will soften and absorb the bad smell.

Bath Bombs/Bubble Bars

Room Freshener. 
This might seem obvious if you've ever walked into a Lush shop, but the products are great for freshening up a room. When I worked there, I had a lady who bought different coloured bath bombs just to put in clothes drawers to keep everything smelling fresh. If you want a pink girly smell, go for Think Pink or The Comforter, but for more zesty smells go for Avobath or Blue Skies. 

Ocean Salt & Lemony Flutter

Supermodel Arms. 
Ocean Salt and Lemony Flutter is my favourite lush combination and we used to call it Ocean Flutter or Supermodel Arms. Get a generous amount from each tub and mix together in a separate container if possible but in your hand is fine too. The combination this makes is a great scrub that is a moisturiser as well.  The sea salt in Ocean Salt is scrubby and antiseptic, which is great for taking away dead skin, and the beeswax emulsion from Lemony flutter is great for dry skin. We designed this combination because our customers found Ocean Salt a bit too harsh and Lemony Flutter too thick. When we showed customers this combination, however, these products started flying off the shelf! I'd recommend using the combination on your arms before going out as they will look toned and smooth as well as smelling fantastic! 

Big Blue

Big Blue is good for the ole itch... down there... ahem Thrush. I'm not sure of the exact reason why it helps; maybe the antioxide Arame Seaweed? Maybe the cleansing and antiseptic Sea Salt? Long story short, fine sea salt keeps the pH of the blood and the lymphatic system stable; which is handy, considering that Thrush is basically a pH imbalance. Also, a lovely bath is great to soothe the itch.


  1. Great post - what's your fave?? :D <3

    1. Supermodel arms is my personal favourite. Everytime there was a spare moment in the shop, I'd whip up a batch and we'd all do our arms :)

  2. Please please do not rely on Big Blue alone for thrush. Thrush is an infection caused by a fungus, and the ingredients in this bath bomb are not enough to halt growth of the fungi, nor will they kill fungi. While thrush may cause a pH imbalance, this is not exactly what thrush is all about.

    I can report that Big Blue is amazing for itchy skin, but it's not enough for thrush! See your doctor or pharmacist if thrush is a problem for you. :)

    1. Haha yes. I know it's just a tip to help ;)

  3. Some fab ideas for Lush products that I would never of thought of :) I love Lush products so I'll have to pick some of these ones up next time I'm out shopping! x

    1. Glad I inspired you :) ill probably do another post like this again to share the secret cocktail mixes we made with bath bombs :)

  4. Love the insider knowledge :) The massage bar with the insect repellent sound great for holidays!

    Nicola xo

    1. I love it especially as I'm super scared of spiders too! I'd take a store repellant with you just in case but Each Peach works pretty well for me :) xxx

  5. Fab post xx

  6. This is fab, I'v not been in lush in ages i need to go this weekend!! x

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm inspiring you to go. I feel like I should work on commission

  7. I know I'm late to the party but this was a GREAT read! I wish there were more Lush tips and tricks like this floating around the Internet! xoxoxo

    1. Crumble some Sunnyside in to your bath (not too much, you dont want bubbles) chuck in a Big Blue bath bomb et voilĂ  - Mermaid Water complete with seaweed and glitter :)

  8. Is there a part 2? This was so excellent! Aside from the air freshening aspects, I like to toss a piece of The Comforter into my washing machine to make ALL my clothes smell delightful. I prefer this method to perfume because it really locks in the scent with no missing patches anywhere.

  9. omg, im so glad i found this article! can you make a blog post on diy lush products? i'm sure it'd be a great help to so many people! thank you :)


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