Monday, 18 February 2013

Barry M textures: Kingsland Road

Textured nails!

I recently bought Barry M's new Textured nail varnishes in Atlantic Road (Blue TNP1) and Kingsland Road (Pink TNP3). They are currently on offer in Superdrug, 2 for £6 and can be mixed and matched with the new Gelly shades. I'm not too keen on the Gellies however, and wanted to road test (see what I done there ;) ).

A picture of Barry M Nail Paint Textures

Here are my nails after being painted with 3 coats so it's really opaque. It's a beautiful pastel pink colour; perfect for the SS13 which is all about pastels! The texture itself is a soft rough feeling, it's quite a nice feeling actually and it looks really interesting. I got complimented on it by my fiance's family.

A picture of Roxy's Box of Tricks nails with Kingsland road applied showing pink

Roxy's Box of Tricks's Nails with the pink Barry M textures Kingsland Road looking dirty

This is a photo of my nails after 4 days wear. I can't really describe what's happened but textured bits have actually collected dirt and no matter how much I wash my hands, it won't come clean. My nails look so grubby. I suppose if the paint was a different colour, the dirt wouldn't be so prominent. My mother so kindly point out that the texture looked like I'd painted my nails and then gone to bed without letting it dry properly which isn't the look I was going for...

I have yet to try the blue Atlantic Road colour and I hope the same thing doesn't happen as I really like the idea of this varnish but I can't go round looking like I haven't washed my hands!

Have you tried the Barry M textures? If so, did the same thing happen to you?


  1. I really liked the look of these until i saw they were so dirty! Such a shame. They looked so lovely!!


  2. Aww I was looking forward to purchasing some of these but it is such a shame that you don't like them! :(
    I will probably buy one just to see if I feel the same way - great post though! :D <3

  3. Ooh I've been so tempted to try these! They look amazing in the first photo...such a nice colour - it's a shame they don't last very long though.
    Great review!

    Katie xx

  4. The nail varnish has sat still quite well after 4 days and i've been really wanting to try these nail varnishes. Maybe if you were to chose a darker shade it wouldn't be as prominent that the varnish collected so much dirt. Great post though! x

  5. Wow thats crazy! it looks a bit odd! lv @ashlylondon on twitter xx

  6. What a shame! Love the colour though. Did you put a top coat on? xxx
    thanks for your link after bbloggers xx

    1. Top coats spoil the effect so it's a bit difficult :/
      Thank you for checking me out

  7. Love our nails they look so nice :) i love the colours too they are so pretty!!

    Love Emily xx

  8. I brought this recently but I haven't try it yet.
    Hopefully, it won't collect too much dirt.

    my blog


  9. Hi lovely! Was great to meet you today! I was going to get these nail varnishes soon so glad I have seen this post as I may steer clear! xx


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