Thursday, 10 January 2013

Flutter your lashes

Hello! In preparation for my graduation, I wanted something to make my eyes pop and distract from the cage on my leg and the braces in my mouth. The obvious way to go was to get some fake eyelashes so we popped on down to Debenhams. I went for the Eylure Naturalites Intense lashes in number 140. They were normally priced at £5.26 but as I used a £5 voucher with Debenhams Beauty Club I paid just 26p. Result.

 The lashes were relatively easy to apply.  Two coats of mascara on the natural lashes, glue on the strip of false lashes and apply to the eye.
 Here are the results:

Looking Down
Looking Up.

The only complaint I had was that the lashes were a bit hard in texture and when it caught my eye, it was quite painful. Overall, I was impressed with the look and the thickness and it definitely made a statement.

Do you wear false lashes? Do you have any tips for applying them? Let me know in the comments!

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