Thursday, 24 January 2013

Argan Oil

A selection of photos showing Moroccan Argan OIl in it's packaging, bottle and consistancy

Moroccan Argan Oil is my current favourite product. My hair takes a lot of heat abuse and the ends are quite dry and weak due to my dip-dye so I need a pretty hardcore product to get it back to a good condition. I've read about this product on Laura's Blog and when my parents said they were off to home bargains, I told them to keep an eye out for it. Luckily for me, they returned £2.99 poorer and with my Argan Oil.

I have the treatment oil which you apply to damp hair. The oil itself is quite thick and smells quite sweet. You take a few drops of the oil and work into toweled, but damp, hair before blow drying.

This brilliant Moroccan Argan Oil gives the hair UV protection (UV dries out the hair and makes it brittle) and the vitamin E found in the Oil helps keep hair frizz free and healthy.

Here are the results on my hair:

A picture of Roxy's hair wet
Oil on hair whilst wet

A picture of Roxy's Hair looking fluffy and healthy
My hair dried

While my hair looks pretty normal in the photos, I can assure you that the Argan Oil has made a big difference. My hair is smooth and silky, my split ends are controlled and my dip dyed ends aren't so dry. The sweet smell of the oil has also transferred onto my hair and it's much easier to brush. I was worried about my hair becoming oily but after not washing my hair for a week (the things I do to test products ;) ) it was still silky smooth.

This is my absolute star buy and for £2.99 you get 100ml which should last quite a while as you only need a couple of drops for each application. I would definitely recommend going down your local Home Bargains to dig out this little wonder.

Have you tried Moroccan Argan Oil?

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